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  • "Felaniya" started this thread

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Tuesday, August 30th 2016, 3:21pm

Introduce Yourselves!

Now that Otherland has arrived in its Open Beta stage, it's time for players to get to know each other!

Write a bit about yourself, how you came to Otherland, are you an MMO player, did you join the early access or are you completly new?

I think most of you know me already from another intro thread, but here is some more info:

IGN: Felaniya (obviously ;) )

I came to Otherland via work, boring but yeah... I have been listening to the German audio books for a while now though!

Am a hardcore MMO player and have been playing various MMO for years!

I am 25 years old and have worked as Community Manager for a few different games at gamigo over the past few years. Otherland is one of my biggest projects, so that's very interesting.

Side note: as a player I find the concept of Otherland the MMO to be awesome and I also play it privately. Looking forward to the future.

And to get to know you all better!! So: who are you? ^^


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Tuesday, August 30th 2016, 3:27pm


Alright potentially not very fair...

Well, I'm Sikyu - Producer for Otherland at gamigo...semi responsible for most of the issues you'll be finding in the game! So first of all I would like to say: sorry for those.

Second: I'm a hardcore MMO player (I think we're setting a trend here) and have been playing MMOs since...ever...?

Otherland has been on my table as a potential project since the very beginning of my career in the gaming industry, and it's strange to finally be able to say: IT'S LIVE!!!

Well, it has been in the past, true. But now like, for realz.

In any case...I'm 30 years old, IGN: Sikyu - and if you need anything or have feedback, questions, bugs, etc... Message Felaniya ;)



Tuesday, August 30th 2016, 5:37pm

*peeks around the corner* oh. Cool. Guess I'll consider myself early. I'll go ahead and introduce myself.

IGN: RenKazuma (Ren is fine.)

I remember hearing about Otherland awhile back but I kinda forgot about it. So I'm glad that an mmo news website wrote an article about it. I'm definitely looking forward to trying this game out for Open Beta and launch.

21 years old I've been playing MMOs for......almost 8 years now (I'll be 22 on September 8th. The day of launch WOO!) my first ever mmo was Grand Chase (RIP.....). Very laidback and easygoing, I'm looking at picking up either the assassin (cause quarterstaff <3) or energizer as I usually play a healer in most mmos. It just comes easy to me and I feel it reflects the type of person I am.

Attempting to not overdo it on the introduction, I just wanna say thank you for everyone's hard work on this game, and I am dreading at this 4% that I have patched so far. So I gotta find something to pass the time other than just stare at the launcher thinking it'll patch faster. Much love to you all <3


Tuesday, August 30th 2016, 5:51pm

Big fan of the books as well as an MMO fanatic since 1996. Hoping this game captures some of the magic. Not sure if I'll have time to jump in the beta, but I'll definitely be joining after release. So, hello everyone... See you ingame.



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Tuesday, August 30th 2016, 6:16pm


here is Thargor.

I like the books and that is why I played here in the first betas. Like the others I played many MMOs and other alpha/beta stuff.

Since 2012 leader of the german Otherland Clan "Böse Bande", 32 year old student and hobby game designer.


Tuesday, August 30th 2016, 7:56pm

they call me Tiberius

Tiberius9 here.

Used to be a hardcore gamer. Now just playing the game of life and trying to balance in the occasional MMO here and there.
I found this game by chance and after watching a few youtube videos on it, I decided to buy.

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Tuesday, August 30th 2016, 8:26pm

ReeVize here....seems I'll be the odd one here.
I'm nearly 46 years old and, other than a jrmmo that I've played with my children, Otherland is the first mmo I've played.
Over at Steam I was a member of the Inception Clan.



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Tuesday, August 30th 2016, 8:49pm

o7 everyone, neoVictrix here (or Cam if you prefer, I personally don't mind).
Really excited to have my first look into Otherland - been keeping tabs on the game ever since it was first announced those years ago, but decided against getting one of the available editions on Steam to avoid getting burnt out before the game was near being ready.

Just waiting on things to update and I'll be right in.
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Wednesday, August 31st 2016, 5:27am

I am KnightsBard Bard of The Knights Templar I have journeyed through many an adventure and cant wait to join you all in Otherland



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Wednesday, August 31st 2016, 9:06am

Hello all, Qualroh here, haven't made a character, but you guys can call me Q. I've been playing MMOs since Star Wars Galaxies. Excited about Otherland and can't wait to play. I'm generally a healer, or DPS. Once I finish my current reading list, I plan on re-reading the series. I'm also very much a role player, and can't wait to see what sort of RP community shows up.

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Wednesday, August 31st 2016, 12:12pm

Square Toes Here

Guess i'll be one of the first to try out the free to play Otherland!


Wednesday, August 31st 2016, 12:32pm

Hi there~!

hi there been a Gamer for 11 yrs and i still do it today im a computer Engineer and looking forward to test the game on weekends .

Forgive me only weekends possible since i work :P



Wednesday, August 31st 2016, 2:19pm

Hello all my IGN is Bizkit. I am a 37 year old Hardcore MMO gamer that's been gaming since 1996. I started playing Otherland during the Drago CBT's, then purchased EA on Steam where I played a little but not much. Now I'm excited that the game is finally launching and looking forward to its future. I mainly play Tank classes and will be playing one in Otherland on the North American server.


Wednesday, August 31st 2016, 8:47pm

Hello all, in game name AO here, North American server. I am 36 years old. I started out with Atari, NES, and Pen & Paper RPG's. My favorite mmo so far was City Of Heroes. I have always been a huge fan of epic Sci Fi/ Fantasy series, and The Otherland books are some of the best. I read the books a couple years ago, so was very excited for the game. I really like the lore and the Otherland jargon. Utterly chizz, major sampled!

I too helped to found Otherland's first successfully formed Clan, Inception over on the Steam Early Access. *Waves to ReeVise*

I am also an owner of the special collectors edition of the game. When will we be able to see our claim items in the new version of the game, and how do we claim them?

I am going to be working nights soon so I am going to try to register on the EU server too. I will be able to play casually.

See you scan-masters in game!


Wednesday, August 31st 2016, 10:21pm


I am now also AO on the EU server!



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Thursday, September 1st 2016, 2:59pm

*Waves to ReeVise*
Hey and hiya!!!



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Thursday, September 1st 2016, 7:42pm

Hello all !!!!

This is Tabs1975 here !

I am not new to the Otherland game but new to this forum.
I just wanted to say "hi" and see who is in desperate need to continue the journey across the Otherland world.

I hope now the 2 main companies have come together at last to finish off their child.
I started to play Otherland when it was with Gamigo !

Then I treid the OBT with Drago and I got a nice couple of days with that, so now I hope to see what is the future of Otherland when it goes public on the 8th of September.

PeaCe all,

IGN (TABS1975)


Friday, September 2nd 2016, 5:24pm

Hello everyone,

I go by wolfdrag. My character ingame is named Wolf i'm a Marksman. I am new to Otherland, as in i just started playing this beta. I've run into a few players in game, super friendly. I am hoping this will be the cyberpunk game i've been looking for.



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Saturday, September 3rd 2016, 1:28am

IG name finally!

Hey all, Q here again. Finally have an IGN: Aresi She's an energizer.


Sunday, September 4th 2016, 3:42pm

Hi everyone,

I tend to be known as Wolfclan on most games altho that name seems to have been lost in limbo on here right now. Alts Wolfscar, Scarwolf, Clanwolf yeah I know kind of has a pattern to it :)

I first played Otherland in the very first betas before the game was canceled many years ago was happy to hear it had been picked up again but only put on steam to start with which I do not use. All good in the end its now open to all and been having great fun for the last few days. Bug posts have been made and many restarts later I have 3 alts from lvl 6 to lvl 29.

I have been gaming from zx80 days and im still going strong did a bit of dev and GM work on some early MMO's but these days just enjoy playing as family life takes number one spot.

I should add I play on the EU server.
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