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Thursday, October 6th 2016, 8:14pm

Abilities using weapon DPS calculation, crafted weapons underperforming, and abilities supposed to increase damage having no effect

Cut Man and Paralytic Storm (have yet to check other damage abilities) use the same exact calculation as auto-attack damage, and aren't instead done by an ability's base damage multiplied by a stat dependent modifier. A slower weapon that has lower average damage per swing will have harder hitting abilities than a weapon that hits for more with a lower delay. Here's a comparison of DPS between the best weapon via questing and crafting:

Quest weapon -
Item level: 142
Damage: 244-293
Delay: 1.87
Agility: 94
Strength: 115
DPS: 160.78

Crafted weapon -
Item level: 173
Damage: 433-364 (Yes, you're reading that right. All crafted weapons are glitched.)
Delay: 1.64
Agility: 133
Strength: 163
DPS: 362.27

Auto-attack average: 647
Cut Man average: 647 (not taking DoT damage into account, only the initial hit)
Paralytic Storm average: 647

Neither weapon has attack power nor armor penetration, so tertiary stats had no bearing on the test.

The crafted weapon has higher base damage and a lower delay which equate to over 200 more DPS than the questing weapon, along with higher stats in regards to both agility and strength. The only noticeable difference between the two is that the questing weapon has a much higher delay which should actually result in lower ability damage if anything, but instead results in higher ability damage. For clarification, the crafted weapon with its higher base damage, is hitting for less than the quest weapon, but this doesn't change the fact that weapon DPS translates directly into ability damage.

Two things to gain from these insights. The first, ability damage is equal to auto-attack damage which is absolutely screwed up as weapon damage has a variable delay, but ability cooldowns are constant. It's almost as though they just copy and pasted the code they were using for weapon damage calculation into the abilities. And second, there's a very real possibility that crafted weapons are so glitched that they may actually result in lower damage even though they have stats that blow other weapons out of the water. I can't even begin to speculate. Initially I assumed weapon delay was the source, but the slower weapon has lower base damage yet still allows abilities to deal higher damage.

For the next part, damage increasing abilities were far easier to test.

Mighty Swing - Increase damage dealt and number of targets affected by cleave damage on default attacks.

War Cry - Inspire allies increasing their damage while challening (not a typo, tooltip is messed up in-game) enemies to face you in combat.

From initial testing, these abilities are absolutely broken regarding their supposed damage increasing. Attack damage before using said abilities averages 647. Damage while abilities are being used averages 647. Zero change to outgoing damage.

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