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Monday, November 21st 2016, 1:22am

What is the plan for the future?

I don't understand! how is it logical to pay for servers, pay devs to make changes for a game with maximum 11 players online in the last month (yes there is technically more since some don't use steam.....but really? how much more could it be? I'd guess maximum is double. So 22 players?!? and I doubt anyones buying credits if it's even functioning atm (last time I checked it wasn't) so just running the game for free at a financial loss entirely?

Is advertising planned?

How can this be profitable and worth the time of the publisher/developer?


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Monday, November 21st 2016, 1:56am

I'm wondering the same thing. I just downloaded it, after 2 hours of downloading and an hour of patching I managed to run the client. I get to the log in screen, I choose the US server, enter my login. The game loads and loops me back to the login screen. Even if I pick EU server does the same thing.

I think others are trying to play this also and they are running into problems like this.

To bad, the world needs more cyber punk mmos.

I hope I can try this out soon.



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