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Friday, October 7th 2016, 8:23pm

Point/Reward of Factions?

is it just busy work to have quests to do or is there an actual reward? even if it gave you access to faction based attire or even a faction based title or something would be nice. Any1 know? (i just got access today so unsure myself and don't want to grind for possibly nothing in the end)

I found on official news of March 30th that faction vendors offer items, do you feel the item is worth it, is it disguise or gearing up, and what is the point of gearing up anyways? to stand around and look pretty and be strong O.o

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Saturday, October 8th 2016, 12:17am

Hey now, I like looking pretty...


Saturday, October 8th 2016, 3:09am

gearing up... dont you look pretty enough lol
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