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Friday, September 16th 2016, 2:05pm

Important tip for Newbies

at least this was highly useful in the past, not sure why there is no prompt to let players know about it or even a trophy symbol or highlighted glow above it's head :/ But after you get your Uspace and do the quest for it (change wall/floor) make sure to talk to this guy:…s/?id=764438410
to get this:…s/?id=764438446
It's a portal summoner that can take you to your Uspace from anywhere.
Useful if your character gets stuck or just for easy travel at times :)


Saturday, September 24th 2016, 6:04am

- Press V after login to show nameplates.
- Under video settings, increase UI scale to 75 or higher if your resolution is at least 1920x1080.
- If you're an energizer, use your numpad to target allies.
- Changing stances changes your ability bar.
- Special and heavy abilities are usable at one pip, not all three have to be filled.
- Press G to lock your target.
- Holding down left click to attack is more efficient than spamming it.
- When whispering, caps matter. Want to whisper me in-game, then type: /w Risulain insertmessagehere
- Remember to deposit your Bits into the U|Cache (bank) every so often, otherwise you may lose them on death.
- Verify what target you're actually aiming at by looking at which enemy has a red outline.
- Dealing with bugs is half the game. Learn to live with them.
- Dailies reset at 5:00PM PST (this needs verification).

Will edit this later if I can think of any others that come to mind.

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