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Saturday, September 10th 2016, 1:33pm

Can not shoot,can not open packages,crashing...

So after 4 days that I could not even log-in I'm finally ingame

Problem 2: Can not open[take] package with F or any other button or weapon…&ab_channel=GOD
Problem 1: Can not use any weapon after quest where your weapons get stolen and you receive new Tier 7 weapons I have to lure monsters 1 by one for 2 hours to finish quest , after this quest I do not get new weapon so issue persist and can not kill any more monsters ever. My cahracter sheet tells me my dps is 0 what is very accurate I give u that...…&ab_channel=GOD

Bonus issues: After crash [what is common problem with this game] and relogging in,I have to start quests all over again. Why can not you just save my progression and reset me from last point? Server restars reset it too! That is not very fair .

I really like this game,I mean the maps are interesting,sounds are ok,combat is eh under average[to keep it nice] but all I can do is walk around city that is completely empty [no players at all] I even bought the Clan creation kit for 1000 coins but you need 4 players to even create one.
I met 0 players so It is gonna be quite issue too



Saturday, September 10th 2016, 1:48pm

TFW package is stronger than your weapons or your will to continue. :thumbsup: