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Thursday, September 8th 2016, 5:41pm

Hello all :) I was on Steam EA Day 1, loved the books and have been MMOing for 10 years. Past hardcore current casual (due to having a family and graduate college studies). I love the Otherland concept and quite enjoyed the game (300+ hours) and look forward to getting back in to it with an enhanced community. Sometimes I like to be a community ambassador, I held some events last year for Otherland including a tinychat webcam party :thumbsup: I'll probably edit this later but that's the initial jist. Great to see some other returning players as well :love: p.s. didn't put RL pic up but not afraid to reveal oneself.....ask anyone who was at the tinychat party for otherland last year where we all webcammed ;) Oh and I was registered on the original gamingo otherland forums back in fall 2012, but I didn't participate in them early early betas, I was following the game though and enjoying the books :)

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Friday, September 9th 2016, 7:10am

Sup everyone, I'm Aaron, or Weaboo Scrub on steam.
I've been with otherland since day 1 EA as well, and was the first to get all the achievements on steam (Besides the GM's of course)
I've given this game a lot of shit in the past but I've always kept up to date on it, because I knew I could count on it to cure my boredom someday, lol.
I'm actually pretty excited to start playing again, welcome to Otherland everyone!
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Friday, September 9th 2016, 11:37am

Hi all! Minkstole here. 25 and avid MMOer for over 10 years now. Excited for this beta to finish installing so I can try out the game. :3 Only 50% to go. Somehow lost my email link so can't get it on steam. If someone could please help me out with that I'd much appreciate it as I'm downloading it straight from the site at the moment. :?:
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