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Thursday, September 8th 2016, 9:01pm

character creation

When do you get a human form, or is this a bug? Lamba mall had human forms locked in beta, and they are still locked. Still using beta created character, am now level 7, and still running around looking like a preying mantis. Tried creating new character instead of beta character but gave up after i found that tutorial intro quest had not changed other than being more difficult.


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Friday, September 9th 2016, 7:58am


the metamorph forms will become available shortly.

The original plan before was to have each skin, body, colour, etc... cost a price and you'd have to pay for each item. We are reworking this system so that you will only have to pay for a ticket (standard, premium and deluxe) which will allow you to use the metamorph and select whatever you want from a list.

We think this is a more fair system so that going to the metamorph will allow you to really change how you look instead of limiting you by price of each item.